• How to install O2mania?

  1. Download the file here. (How to bypass ads?)
  2. Paste the file somewhere you want it to be installed. Example is on ‘My Documents’.
  3. Extract the file you’ve downloaded. (How to extract .rar files?)
  4. You now have O2mania. Open the O2mania English.exe file to launch the app. You may want to create a shortcut and send it to your desktop.
  5. Note: There are no songs included, you must download them as well, see guides below.

• How to add Songs?

  1. Choose a song to download on this link.
  2. After you have clicked the Download button, you will be redirected to AdFly. (How to bypass ads?)
  3. Now place the .rar file you have downloaded to the ‘music’ folder of O2mania, then extract it. (How to extract .rar files?)
  4. Place both .ojn and .ojm files to the ‘music’ folder of O2mania.
  5. Then you MUST configure the folders on your first setup. Launch O2Mania app, then click ‘File’, then click ‘Configure Folders’.
  6. On the configure folders menu, click the ‘…’ button beside the O2jam Tunes, then locate your ‘music’ folder where you have pasted the downloaded files, click ‘OK’.
  7. Choose ‘File’ again, then click ‘Open’, then click the ‘Refresh’ button on the right part.

Video tutorial

• What are Song Packs?

  1. Song Packs are basically compilation of songs compressed into a single download. You can download them on this link. (How to bypass ads?)
  2. Paste the downloaded file on the ‘music’ folder of O2mania, and extract it there. (How to extract .rar files?)
  3. It contains 10 .rar files of 10 different songs. Extract them.
  4. IMPORTANT: Paste the ojn and ojm files on the ‘music’ folder.
  5. Launch O2Mania app, click ‘File’ then ‘Open’, and click the ‘Refresh’ button on the lower right.

• How to extract files that are in .rar format?

  1. To extract .rar files, you may use WinRar. You can download it here.
  2. Then open the WinRAR setup file to install.
  3. After WinRAR has been installed, right click on the .rar file you want to extract, and click ‘Extract Here’.
  4. The file will now be extracted. You may want to delete the extracted .rar file to save space.

• How to bypass ads from AdFly?

We are offering you a non-profit website, but the domain and website hosting are not free. That’s why we rely on these url shorteners. Just follow the steps below to avoid further hassle due to these ads.

  1. First step which is important, temporarily disable any Adblock extensions installed. Or open the Downloads page in Incognito mode where all extensions are disabled. We do not recommend to whitelist AdFly links as they will generate unique domains for you to whitelist on every download.
  2. After you have clicked the Download button on our site, it will now redirect you to AdFly.
  3. Just wait for 5 seconds to enable the SKIP THIS AD button on the top right, then click it. Do not add any extensions or allow anything.
  4. It will now open a new tab of AdFly. Again, do not add or allow anything and just wait for 5 seconds till it redirects you to MediaFire (where the files are located).
  5. You may now Download the file from MediaFire. You may also want to close other tabs that contain ads.

And that’s it. We’re not trying to earn from these ads. We just want something to help us to maintain the site. Thank you for your understanding!