Top 30 O2jam songs! (Batch 1)

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Hello O2jammers!

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To help you decide which songs you should download to avoid the hassle of downloading all songs, well, here is a list of 30 O2jam songs that you may get hooked on to. There’s no survey or poll to back this list though XD

1. V3 (O2 Version)
2. Milk Chocolate
3. Fly Magpie
4. Go Hell
5. Bang! Bang! Bang!
6. Duel (O2 Version)
7. Kan Kan
8. Pulse In Opus
9. Csikos Post
10. Lonely Song
11. Brahms (O2 Version)
12. Bride In Dream
13. Canon (O@ Version)
14. No. 7
15. Pit-A-Pat Summer
16. Poison
17. The Festival Of Ghost 1
18. The Festival Of Ghost 2
19. Identity
20. Identity Part II
21. Feel The O2jam!
22. Electro Fantasy
23. For Elise
24. Song Of Pain
25. Cross Time!!
26. Monster Express
27. Death Moon
28. Trance World
29. I Need Your Love
30. Storm Over The Ocean

That’s all. You can download all of these here.